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charted pattern

We are very proud to introduce the latest versions of the Celtic Knot Font- Charted 12G and Charted 12B! These two fonts were created especially for Beadwork, Cross Stitch, Intarsia Knitting, Samplers, Tapestry, Blackwork, Canvas Embroidery, Hooked Rugs, or any charted craft or needlework.

12G creates a grid-style graphed pattern where the rows are in straight lines, 12B a brick-style pattern of diagonally offset lines.

These new fonts give you the ability to create custom Celtic charted patterns in just minutes! Here is an example that I created in under 2 minutes:

grid bead pattern

A pattern made just by typing with the 12G (Grid) Style Font

brick bead pattern

A pattern made just by typing with the 12B (Brick) Style Font

The following is the pattern created by just one key of the new Charted Celtic Knot Fonts (you can see this piece forms the upper left hand bit of the above design):

Celtic bead
Celtic bead brick

Charted 12G Grid Style
for loomed beadwork, cross stitch, intarsia knitting etc.

Charted 12B Brick Style
for beadwork in Peyote, Comanche, and Brick style.

Each "letter" you type makes a different piece of a Celtic knot - put them together any way you like to make your own designs - just by typing! There are over 220 pieces in the font, so the number of different designs you can make is nearly unlimited.

Make custom patterns and print them out at exactly the size you need, quickly and easily.

Don't miss the Free Pattern of the Month further down the page!

charted celtic knot

Now you can create your own Celtic craft designs in any size or shape that you want!

To learn more about how the Celtic Knot Font works, and see lots of examples of beautiful crafts created with it, please visit our crafts page (most of the examples shown are made with Styles of the Celtic Knot Font other than Charted, but they all work exactly the same - only the appearance of the knotwork is different - and knots made in one Style of the Font can be instantly switched to any other Style).

Celtic knot beads

This beadwork project was made by Laurie Isdell on a bead loom, using a pattern made with the Charted 12G Font.


Celtic knot bracelet

Our customer Maria Lee created this spectacular bracelet with black, silver, and gold-plated delica beads.


We highly recommend that you also get the Charted Pattern Pack to go with your Font.
It contains over 250 ready-made designs!

The Pattern Packs are accessories that work with the Celtic Knot Fonts. They contain fully editable royalty-free designs that you can use as-is or modify as desired with the Font. Vector based, they scale perfectly to any size.

We have created a brand new Pattern Pack just for use with these two new fonts. The Charted Pattern Pack was specially created with a selection of knots appropriate for beadwork, cross stitch, needlepoint, and other crafts requiring charted patterns. The package includes an assortment of Celtic knotwork designs - borders, medallions, crosses, hearts, and a variety of other decorative elements. The new pack includes selections from our popular Pattern Packs 1 and 2, along with many brand new knotwork patterns from the as-yet-unreleased Pattern Pack 3. All of these patterns were selected to be particularly appropriate for use with our new charted fonts. This new pack contains an astounding 262 charted Celtic patterns, ready to use as they are, or modify them to suit your needs.


Examples of stitched-out designs from the Charted Pattern Pack:

Celtic cross stitch Celtic knot cross stitch pattern

From Scarlett Rose

(To purchase machine embroidery and cross stitch design files in PES, HUS, PCS, JEF and XXX format, please visit )


Celtic knot cross stitch design Celtic knot cross stitch

From our customer Magda Pietrzak in Glasgow UK


cross stitch Celtic heart

Tereena Clarke of Artecy Cross Stitch offers high-quality printable patterns, including some designed with the Celtic Knot Font, such as this lovely Celtic knot heart counted cross stitch pattern. It was stitched out using tiny little seed beads by our customer Maria Lee, as were the following projects:

Celtic wallet
seed bead wallet
Seed bead wallets
Celtic seed bead box
seed bead jewelry box
A lovely box by Maria Lee - how creative!

Get the discount package with the Charted Fonts and Pattern Pack - save 25% !

Order securely online now and you could be printing out new craft patterns in minutes!

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12B Font (Brick style) $25

12G Font (Grid style) $25

12B Font (Brick style) plus Charted Pattern Pack $44 (save $10)

12G Font (Grid style) plus Charted Pattern Pack $44 (save $10)

Both Fonts (12B and 12G) $40 (save $10)

Both Fonts (12B and 12G) plus Charted Pattern Pack $59 (save $20)

These Fonts and Pattern Packs will work on any Windows system (PC) or Mac OS X system with no special requirements.

If you need help or have questions, just email us or call
(707) 393-1638 to order.

So you bought the 12B and/or 12G Font by itself and now you've decided you want the Charted Pattern Pack too? You can order it here:

Charted Pattern Pack $29 (Download only)

You must have at least one Charted Style of the Celtic Knot Font (12B, 12G, or both) to use this Pattern Pack.

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Free pattern of the month!
free cross stitch pattern

Click here to get a free .pdf pattern of the Four Heart Clover Celtic Knot

This is just one of the more than 250 patterns included in the Charted Pattern Pack! Get them all for just $44.


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